Barchello Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus (6.4) Genuine Leather Flip Wallet Case Detachable Full Protection Cover, Card Holder Case with Kick Stand Function, Compatible Wireless Charging(Tan)

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus Detachable Wallet Case

Our products are produced from genuine leather in high quality with experience of years by first class workmanship and meticulous work.

Product Highlights

Premium high quality genuine leather provides an elegant and professional look and feel. Made from the finest soft genuine grain leather,

Book style cover with card holders and kickstand.

Provides easy access to charging and earphone ports.

This case works well with QI wireless charges and any other NFC application.


Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus

Removable Snap On

Maximum protection, while staying slim and easy to hold. All port openings are accessible and screen is protected from scratches with raised bezels.

  • $24.90

Customer Reviews

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Looks and feels great, supports wireless charging, what more could I ask for?

Finally found almost the only one 2 in 1 cover supporting wireless charging and providing few card slots to replace the regular purse. As I'm driving quite often, I need to detach the purse to be able to put phone to car holder and charge it wirelessly at the same time. And it even looked great in the photos, so ordered right away.
Quite expensive shipping, but surprisingly fast, delivered in 3 days to eastern Europe, if I remember correctly and that's good, because I don't like to wait :-)
Excited and with high expectations, I opened the packaging to found neat black box, inside soft bag inside of it. Indeed, nice packaging was hiding highly premium product. Great feel, superb craftsmanship, nicely finished to the details. With case on, this damn slick thin phone finally feels right in hand, a bit of added thickness made it even look better in my point of view. And no more unintended touches of unlocked screen when grabbing the phone. All cutouts are in place, matte black frame matches well with light brown leather, both having its specific texture.
Cover snaps in and holds well in outer purse, so I immediately tested the positions of magnets. Feeling good holding force over whole back surface I've got some doubts about wireless charging, so went to test that directly. But I was wrong, it works, indeed, and very well. Surprisingly the added thickness of case makes no issue and shows little to no degradation of charging current, unlike some other purse type covers I tried. So woks just as promised!
Outer purse has four card slots, polished leather outside, soft brushed leather inside, little Barchello logo on the bottom. Varying thickness around edges and on bends creates an interesting profile. Thick parts are hard, holding the shape, the thin ones allows for bending and creates hinges..
So far so good, but what about cons? Sure, there are some. If you use to reverse charge your Galaxy watches, then it will not work with this case. Watches and phone detects each other, but charging does not start because of "wrong position" warning, no matter the position. I just failed to find the right position. If left that way, after several warnings reverse charging gets turned off. And NFC doesn't work in outer purse cover, before payments you need to detach the phone.
One more thing worth mentioning - buttons need tougher push to work and have longer travel, doesn't feel that well in my point of view.

Overall I'm very satisfied, definitely worth the money. But beware, it is real leather, so it requires some care and does not like water, if not properly treated. Take care of it and it will serve you well.