Barchello Magnetic Detachable Leather Magic Wallet Case For Samsung Galaxy S10e (Brown)

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It is a quality product that you will use for a long time by love. If you will get a gift, you can be sure that it will be appreciated.

Product Highlights

It is used Antic  Leather, that gives stylish appearance.
The back cover can be separated from wallet part by its magnet. In addition back of the elastic case is also covered by leather, as our “Flex Cover” cases.
It is made by 100% genuine leather.
High quality materials were used this case with natural leather.
It includes three card slots and one paper money pocket.
It holds 4 - 6 credit cards or 8 -10 business cards.
It Includes magnetic clip allows for quick fastening and access without any hassle.
This case can protect across to falling down.
You can easily use all the entries (camera, charger, headset, etc.) thanks to this case.